Let us intervene before you get an intervention!

  Note: Our services are usually Tax Deductable before you are cited for a violation. Check with your tax consultant.

We offer the following services:

  1. Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing
  2. Federal DOT Compliance Program
  3. DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing
  4. All Phases of Drug Testing
  5. DOT Driver Files
  6. DOT Vehicle Maintenance Files
  7. Safety Audit Assistance
  8. Safety Meetings with CDL/DOT drivers
  9. Annual Periodic vehicle inspections
  10. Intra-state hours of service training
  11. Log Book Training & Audit
  12. Intra-state log book training for those carriers operating outside 150 air miles or over 12 hours driving per day
  13. Able to identify problem areas associated with DOT compliance
  14. Supervisor Training
  15. Drug and Alcohol On Site Testing
  16. Employee & Supervisor Education Training
  17. MVR & Background Checks - PSP reports
  18. Audit Preparation & Representation for DOT Audit
  19. Assistance with preparing/maintaining an accurate accident register
  20. Preparing driver vehicle inspection reports and how to maintain them
  21. IRP and Apportioned Tag Work
  22. IFTA Reporting
  23. CSA Compliance
  24. Consortium
  25. Confidentiality
  26. Reliability
  27. Flexibility

As safety compliance professionals, we assess your DOT compliance and safety needs and offer you a variety of very affordable services to choose from.

Being Department of Transportation compliant will save dollars!

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